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About Bowen


Bowen is drug free, non-invasive and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is an effective treatment for both acute and chronic problems.


The Bowen technique is a gentle form of body work which uses very subtle moves over muscles and connective tissue. These moves send messages deep into the body to retrieve healthy cellular memory to resolve problems and restore balance.


Who Can Have Bowen?


Everyone - from newborn babies to the elderly including those in wheelchairs.


Every Body is better with Bowen!



Why have Bowen?


Stimulate your own healing system

Influence bones, muscles and internal organs

Work to resolve specific injuries or conditions


What happens in a Bowen Session?


The Practitioner will assess you.

Light moves with be applied to specific points on your body.

Significant pauses between moves are important to allow the body to respond and integrate the work being done.

The Practitioner will leave the room during pauses.

The session will last for about an hour.


How many treatments will I need?


Best results are usually achieved in 2 - 3 sessions

Bowen keeps working for up to 5 days after a session

Once a week for 3 weeks is a good start

Treatment every 6-8 weeks is beneficial for maintenance


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